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My Promise

Hays County residents should expect from their County Clerk complete and accurate records, protection from identity theft and other threats, and, most importantly, exceptional customer service. 

I pledge to fulfill these expectations and I will serve the residents of Hays County by improving accessibility, making hours of operation more convenient, and reducing fees. I will modernize the office, bringing it in line with 21st Century standards.

The job of County Clerk is not a clerical job. It requires more than good record-keeping. It requires a leader experienced in managing complex data collection, analysis and reporting operations—someone who can work with the IT team and other staff members effectively to set standards and procedures and address problems, and someone who also can advocate for the team with colleagues on the Commissioner’s Court.

Accurate Records

Accuracy must continue to be a top priority of the office. It requires safeguards and quality checks to prevent errors, and....

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Protection from Data Threats

Security must be a top priority for any County Clerk. It requires a highly skilled IT team that is completely up-to-date on the latest technologies and....

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Exceptional Customer Service

Convenient hours that won’t require missing work, easy-to-follow instructions for completing online forms, and lower fees ....

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